Please buy my jewelry! 😇

I was born in West Palm Beach, and raised in Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee before returning to my own starting point. The rhythms of South Florida & the Caribbean inform my style, but a lifetime of travel and exposure to heterogeneous cultures have imprinted my sensibilities.

I learned to work with metal fabricating parts for my motorcycles and working on various cars growing up. I took up silversmithing first as a hobby and then, increasingly, as something I wanted to do full-time. It turns out metal is metal...and I’m pretty good with it.

This shop grew from a need to express my feelings as a sub, in silver. As I grew more confident in my submissiveness I increasingly wanted to make jewelry for myself, my Mistress, and those whom I admire. In what may seem blindingly obvious to everyone but me, it took a little while before I realized that there are many types of relationships and power exchanges, not just the one I'm involved in. There is always bit of experimentation and I have talked to a lot of people to understand the symbology that speaks to them. I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate hearing from you and knowing what *you* find compelling.

While FemDom is where I find my bliss I want to honor all types of relationships..straight, gay, BDSM, vanilla, non-binary, and my personal favorite...the ubiquitous “Other”😜.

I really hope you find something you like, or please feel free to start a conversation if you’d like to see something unique to you....from your creativity to mine.


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