A collection of pieces I've done...pieces that make me happy I made them.

A dear friend of mine is an expert at shibaru, so I made this for her. It's a little whimsical, but I had fun with it!

I started making "Story of O" rings a while back, and they've proved to be popular. As a sub, naturally I wanted one that would fit me.

I wanted to make it clear that there are many subs, myself included, who have a clear & firm masculine self-image. Being a sub in no way detracts from my masculinity - as a good friend of mine observed "it takes a real man to take a real beating!"

Dominant Female Shield - the piece that is probably nearest & dearest to my heart.

What do you make for your 13-yr old daughter's Easter basket when you're a jeweler?

This piece combines a Victorian sensibility with a piece of larimar from the Caribbean.

I love Victorian-era jewelry, but I am a product of modern times. Baroque designs seem overwrought to me.

My favorite color is blue, and I love the contrast b/t silver and dark blue lapis lazuli.

I patterned the silver to look like nuggets.

I like to pay as much attention to the back of a piece as to the front - it's both satisfying and your assurance that I take the entire piece seriously, not just the front.

The nugget look of the earrings is matched both in shape & texture by the necklace that forms this set.

A matched set of lapis & a nugget-looking texture.

A matched set of lapis & a nugget-looking texture.

For a sense of scale, here is one of my favorite necklaces in my hand next to the peg on which I made it...

I made this thumb ring for one of my favorite customers, who had admired the one I made for myself. At her insistence, this picture shows us both wearing our thumb rings!

A Mistress in N Florida asked me to encapsulate her Female Led Relationship. I thought a timeless infinity symbol with the phrase "I Lead" captured the sentiment well. The bail has Her initials in capital letters on top of her sub's initials in lowercase. If you're close enough to read the letters, you probably know everything this necklace has to say...

This bezel-mounted cab looks like a large, substantial piece of silver - and it is. But it weighs of fraction of what a viewer would think it weighs because it's hollow. The cab is mounted -poking out through the bezel- to be visually interesting, while the silver is exciting and bold - yet simple

This is the back of a bezel-mounted cabochon. Notice that the interior of the bezel is just as clean & well-thought-out as the front. This is important - when an artist cares about the part no one sees you can feel comfortable that the part everyone sees is as well planned & executed.

My favorite arrangement of elements is asymmetrical.. I created a very substantial silver ring from 4mm thick silver, which I patterned with a fire-engine tread. (Who says jewelry can't be fun?)

I then mounted a sapphire in the ring to provide beauty and asymmetry. The whole depends from a handmade bail, all fashioned of .995 pure sterling silver.

This bead ring is made from a special delivery of turquoise beads I picked up in New Mexico. Deceptively simple, but using classical design elements, this is one of my very favorite rings.

The inner shank is formed into an anticlastic shape which is comfortable yet classic. I am looking for more of these beads just because I loved the ring so much I want to make a whole line of them.

Patterned silver in these earrings catches the light. When walking out side these earrings grab light & dazzle the eye.

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